Dr. Antonis Zorpas

Assist. Prof. Open University of Cyprus, Lab of Chemical Engineering & Eng Sustainability

Lambros is a renowned physiotherapist, and together with his team are able to face any challenge that arises.  With professionalism and many years of experience in the field, they can manage different cases in an effective way. The modern physiotherapy clinic consists of the latest technology equipment which are essential to achieve the desired results for each patient.  From my personal experience, I admit that I am completely gratified and also that I have full confidence in the knowledge and techniques he chooses to use.

Melecciu Ciprian Marian


Being a professional tennis player and coach, I am very often exposed to injuries and in the last two years I have had two quite serious injuries, one on my right shoulder and the most recent one on my lower back.
I can say that I was very lucky to be treated at the physiotherapy clinic of the physiotherapist Labros Hadjimichael. Labros Hadjimichael is a true professional with a great experience and extensive knowledge about everything that is recovery and very passionate about his job and that means a lot to the trust of his patients.

I would like to thank you once again for everything you have done for me to recover and it is very important for me to be able to count on you in the future.

Kostakis Artymatas


My name is Kostakis Artimatas, professional football player for Anorthosis Famagusta Football team as well as the national football team of Cyprus. Just before the end of last football season, I unfortunately had a serious injury. Fracture of the 5th metatarsal of the right leg where surgery had to be performed. I was introduced to the physiotherapist, Lampros Hadjimichael during this difficult phase of my career. From the very first meeting with Lambros I felt safe and confident, together we had put a target in a complete rehabilitation and recovery of the injury before the start of the following season. I immediately started a daily physical therapy program with full awareness of the whole process. Following a month of intensive physical therapy, simultaneously I began a special strengthening program, in the Rehabilitation Department of the physiotherapy clinic with special equipment and weights. With the guidance of Lambros and his team, through the special physical therapy and strengthening training program, my goals were achieved and I started the season as normal, without any problems.

At the most difficult time of my career, Lambros constantly motivated me to overcome my injury and to continue to pursue my dreams. I owe, to say the least, a huge thank you to Lambros Hadjimichael and his team.

Afroditi Hadjipanayi

Having a congenital health problem, I decided to have surgery and chose my rehabilitation to be done at Lambros Hadjimichael physiotherapy center.

Lampros Hadjimichael and his team did their best to achieve my utmost goal. Also with teamwork, professionalism, his level of knowledge, and the brilliant communication and hard work, we reached the desired result.

A big thank you to Lambros and his team because without them I could not have achieved a better quality everyday life.

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Antonia Epifaniou


My Name Is Antonia Epiphaniou. I am a martial arts athlete and as a champion in the national team of judo, a world champion in jiu-jutsu, an Olympic champion in pankration and with excellent judo distinctions. I managed to get the 7th place in the world ranking of athletes in my category in jiu-jutsu.

Unfortunately I had an injury on my right shoulder, which required surgery. After the operation I was completely disappointed as the doctors told me I would not be able to return to the Championship and my sport again. While frustrated, I was introduced to Lampros Hadjimichael as my physiotherapist.

Lambros stood by me as family to achieve a full recovery and get back to my sport. After the physical therapy, the exercises and the psychological support that Lambros and his team gave me, I managed to restore the movement in my shoulder. At first everything was difficult, but with Lambros I managed to once again achieve motivation and to pursue my dreams again.

After 3 months of physical therapy, I began to observe enough improvement to my condition and began exercising in the Rehabilitation Department of Physio center which is equipped with special rehabilitation training machinery with the assistance of weights, which aided in my rehabilitation.

Lefteris Neos


When I was 12 years old I had an accident and I broke my left arm. Despite having informed my doctor that I had to compete in a Pancyprian Tennis tournament in 45 days at the time, I was still being recommended that my hand had to be put in a plaster for about 40 days.

Furthermore my doctor made it clear that my chances of competing in the tournament were minimal, since the recovery time I would have at my disposal would not allow it. In 30 days I finally removed the plaster and immediately on the same day I started double physiotherapy sessions at Lambros Hadjimichael center.

The knowledge, experience and discipline possessed by both him and his team, have helped me to be able to compete and have a very high performance. Specifically, with 10 days of intensive physical therapy, Lambros not only helped me to be able to play in the tournament, but also to conquer it. It is important to mention that some of the techniques that Lambros introduced, and some of the machinery that he has in his center, are not present even in the physiotherapy center of the American University where I study.

In conclusion, the above experience allowed me to form the opinion that he is the best physiotherapist in our area.

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Evaggelos Martis


My name is Evangelos Martis, patient with obstetric paralysis in the left arm after injury during childbirth. My first acquaintance with the physiotherapist Lambros Hadjimichael was in 2014 having returned from wrist and shoulder surgeries I had undergone in Germany. Since the end of September 2014, I had removed the splint that the doctors in Germany had placed and began physiotherapy on a daily basis.

Every morning, the treatment with Lampros would start with working on my arm, and followed up with 1-2 hours of more exercises. Simultaneously, I was performing 3 sets of exercises 3 times a day at home. Initially, the exercises I performed were not as intense since for about 9 weeks my hand was idle due to the treatment of my surgeons. Gradually, I was beginning to witness improvement on a weekly basis with exercises being more intense step by step.

In January 2015 I had returned to Nicosia to continue my studies. At that time I had to undergo another surgery. Lambros had assigned to me Aquatic Physiotherapy which I had to perform in a swimming pool in Nicosia. Everyday – with the use of custom made equipment made with Lambros – I would go to the pool to do my exercises. After 2-3 weeks of performing pool exercises and in Collaboration with my physiotherapist I met a disabilities gymnastics instructor who assisted me in strengthening my body. It was at that time that my gymnastics instructor suggested to participate in Shot Put Sports Para-Athletics.

I got excited about the idea and with the first opportunity, I started training at the Athletics Stadium. The fact that I was from Famagusta province meant that I had to find a coach from the area, and so it happened. In collaboration with the gymnast from Nicosia and my physiotherapist I met my current coach who trains at the Paralimni Stadium.

In summer of 2015 I began a less intensive training program for the Paralympics. From 2017 I began more intense workouts and with my great performance in winning in my category of Shot Put Panhellenic Athletic Championship, I joined the National Paralympic team in 2019.
Following that point I competed in international competitions abroad; winning relatively good positions, also getting an evaluation from doctors of the International Paralympic Committee for my official categorization. So far, my biggest experience has been my qualification and participation in the International Paralympic Committee’s World Athletics Championships held in Dubai in November 2019.

Finally, for me – para-sports became a way of life and an irreplaceable part of my character; a motivational point that makes me continue without feeling that I have a disability. I’ve been taught to set goals and pass every obstacle. I hope to promote Paralympics in Cyprus by inspiring people such as myself to overcome any difficulty.

Cornelia Nicolaou


At the moment, you think that all hope is lost, yet there are always people who will step up and help you to not fall into despair . . . This is who Lambros was and is. His positive energy, professionalism, passion for his work, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience gave me and my father strength and hope again. Lambros is always tireless, when entering the clinic we were encountered with a “good morning Mr. Yiannis”, his courage and hope was the energy that took over in a cold room of a clinic. . . Let’s go, Mr. Yiannis, try this, Mr. Yiannis always positive and optimistic.

From the bottom of my heart a big “thank you” to Lambros, because he is a proper professional with unimaginable love for his job and his patients.

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Νικολάου Αντώνης


In a highly professional and friendly environment with a human approach, deep knowledge of the subject, clean, functional and in a pleasant environment I was able and capable to overcome all the medical conditions I had to face.

I believe that specialization, deep knowledge, the correct and humane approach as well as the pleasant environment and right equipment are the key elements that define the physiotherapy center as one of the most correct and brilliant medical centers in its field, not only in the Famagusta province – but also in Cyprus.

Ioannis Ioannou


A unique Professional approach which makes you feel comfortable and have total confidence. Fully qualified staff combined with a spotless clean space! The first time I visited the physiotherapy center I was dealing with a severe form of fracture in the shoulder which pinned me down socially until I recovered.

When I started my treatment following the advice of the physiotherapist, day by day I felt my shoulder better, while the pain lessened! I was provided with all the tools necessary for exercising and strengthening my shoulder at home as well as the ability to practice and train with modern training equipment at the physiotherapy center at any time convenient to me. Thanks to you (Lambros Hadjimichael) I am now recovered, I returned to my work space and back to normal!

I thank my physiotherapist Lambro Hadjimichael for his patience and his love of what he does as well as the exceptional staff who were by my side from start to finish!

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Andrea Zouvani

Medical student at the University of Glasgow

I first visited Lambros in 2014 at the age of 16 with a medial collateral ligament tear on the left knee inevitably accompanied by medial meniscal trauma. At the time I was a long jump athlete training under suboptimal conditions which I to this day believe were the main contributors to my injury.

I remember my knees were bothering me long before the final blow when I heard the popping sound when landing into the sandpit. Upon MRI investigation it was apparent that the ligament was damaged. I cried all the way home simply thinking of all the comments I had received regarding my injury. What stuck with me most though was “Your knee will never be the same”.

Following advice from the doctors responsible for my care, I made the decision to take a conservative approach and avoid surgical intervention so the commencing week I started visiting Lambros’s physiotherapy centre.

From the first moment I walked in I was extremely impressed my Lambros’s professionalism. To this day I consider Lambros one of the most professional people I know. He was and still is extremely organised, respectful, efficient and most importantly very empathetic.

To cut a long story short, after 5 months of continuous care and responsibility from my end, I was slowly getting back on track, metaphorically and literally. Throughout, Lambros was able to keep me motivated and engaged in order to return back to my beloved sport by showing understanding and changing his treatment tailored to my own individual needs. Focusing on building strength, proprioception, balance and my psychology, I was slowly able to properly rejoin training.

Fast-forwarding 18 months later, I was awarded national champion under21 in Long jump and the following season national champion in triple jump as well.

In retrospect, those comments back then weren’t entirely untrue, my knees were not the same as before; they were better.

Although I stopped competing in track and field, I am still involved in sports and have experienced several more minor injuries since, but I know I always have someone to turn to. Lambros has supported me through all these years and I would trust him with anything. He has successfully rehabilitated a complicated ankle sprain I had in 2018, patello-femoral pain syndrome in June 2020 and I’m still undergoing remote rehabilitation of a lumbar spinal disc prolapse.

Lambros always takes a very holistic and personal view of every scenario and leaves nothing to chance. He never leaves gaps when it comes to patient care and goes the extra mile to ensure not only elimination of pain, rehabilitation and restoration of function but also measures to prevent future relapse. He has the ability to connect the dots and make an appropriate evaluation for each situation while focusing a lot on cooperation within a multidisciplinary team to include podiatrists, trainers, doctors and last but not least the patient himself.

Ultimately I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart, after all these years I consider him a dear friend and he has proven I could trust him with my life.

Mathieu Haym

My name is Mathieu Haym,

About twelve years ago, I had a motorcycle accident in France causing necrosis and gangrene in my right leg as well as many other complications. It was during my trip to the island of Cyprus a few years later that very severe pain appeared again. I was heading to Israel and Egypt, which I intended to cross walking. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t walk, sleep or stand up anymore.

My discovery of Physiotherapist Lambros Hadjimichael was the result of fortuitous encounters: having difficulties walking, I hitchhiked in the northern part of Cyprus and the young driver of the car that picked me up was just coming out of a long recovery in his lower back, explaining that Lambros had saved him from a possible paralysis.

I was lucky to be received quickly at the cabinet in the following days. Hadjimichael Lambros and his team had an absolute impact on the healing of my pain! His natural serenity, his professionalism, his kindness and his benevolence allowed me to regain the physical strength to return to the road on foot gradually. I then crossed more than 50 countries before returning to see him in 2021, to have the pleasure of thanking him again and enjoying this wonderful country!

I have met a lot of doctors of various specialties in my life and Physiotherapist Hadjimichael Lambros makes a very big difference: HE is a magical human being.

MERCI again !

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