A unique Professional approach which makes you feel comfortable and have total confidence. Fully qualified staff combined with a spotless clean space! The first time I visited the physiotherapy center I was dealing with a severe form of fracture in the shoulder which pinned me down socially until I recovered.

When I started my treatment following the advice of the physiotherapist, day by day I felt my shoulder better, while the pain lessened! I was provided with all the tools necessary for exercising and strengthening my shoulder at home as well as the ability to practice and train with modern training equipment at the physiotherapy center at any time convenient to me. Thanks to you (Lambros Hadjimichael) I am now recovered, I returned to my work space and back to normal!

I thank my physiotherapist Lambro Hadjimichael for his patience and his love of what he does as well as the exceptional staff who were by my side from start to finish !

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