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Physiotherapy exercises play an important role in the rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Here at Physiocenter we have a wide collection of rehab and fitness products that are guaranteed to get you back playing the sport you love in the quickest possible time.

Whether you’re looking to improve your joint stability, reduce the chances of suffering from injury in the future, or looking to strengthen muscle groups.

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  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
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  • Injuries
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy

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Movement and exercise therapy plays a vital role in our rehabilitation process. It is important that injured muscles restore strength and their functional capabilities. Once muscle strength has increased our therapists then work to improve the painful movements that our patients were having difficulty with. Restoring quality movement for a pain free daily life is the goal of our exercise therapy rehabilitation process.


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Therapeutic exercise is a necessary and an integral part of the rehabilitation of any musculoskeletal dysfunction. The exercise program is determined by the physiotherapist individually, based on personalization of each patient and varies and evolves in intensity, repetitions as well as in the intervals depending on the condition and its stage.

The exercise program consolidates and strengthens as the patients improvement is achieved by physiotherapy. In some conditions therapeutic exercise is the most important ‘weapon’ for the desired therapeutic effect. In many cases it is also necessary to prevent possible relapses of the problem (stabilization exercises).

The patient is taught and supervised for the correct execution of the exercises and interacts with the physiotherapist for their progression and improvement. Proper and personalized therapeutic exercises therefore reduces both symptoms and recovery time and affects the subsequent course of the problem.

Therapeutic exercise concerns not only musculoskeletal problems, but also neurological and respiratory diseases. Again there is a specialized asceticism.

In our physiotherapy center we have fully organized and modern rehabilitation equipment in order for the therapeutic exercises to take place seamlessly and according to the condition and needs of each patient.

The physiotherapy center has been equipped with specialized rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation instruments:

·    The Rehabilitation Department has all the necessary machinery for the rehabilitation of injuries

·    Depending on the condition, programs of special rehabilitation exercises are used, always under our supervision, that contribute to the strengthening of the injured area

·    The goal is always to make a complete recovery and avoid the possibility of re-injury

·    Exercises for muscle strengthening, balance-proprioception and exercises for adaptation to a specific sport or to the daily routine of each patient are personalized and thus we create individual programs suitable for each case

Kinvent :

Proprioceptive exercises help to learn the correct position and balance of the body. Their goal is to correct posture in the areas where the joints are poorly charged and minimal muscle energy and maximum stabilization are shown.

The exercise of proprioception is intended to prevent and repair injuries and is based on maintaining balance against what tends to shift the body or part of it in the wrong position.

In addition, exercises are used to restore and stabilize the ankle joint, knee, hip joint and spine. In the elderly, these exercises are necessary for the prevention of falls.

Petalo and Coordi are devices that we use to train and measure the balance of patients.

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Regular exercise confers several well-established benefits. In such conditions as coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and diabetes, exercise has led to a reduction in mortality similar to that seen with pharmacotherapy. For patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, the benefits of exercise-based interventions are measurably reduced pain and improved daily function. However, prescribing of exercise is often neglected, with preference given to pharmacological or surgical interventions. In part, the disregard of exercise as therapy results from unfamiliarity with appropriate exercise prescriptions,3 which include various forms of aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching to increase flexibility


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