What is the role of your Physiotherapist ?

Injury Prevention and the role of a Physiotherapist

In an age where we can track most daily occurrences and habits through technology the role of a physiotherapist is changing from an injury management perspective to an injury prevention perspective.

As highly trained health professionals, physiotherapists have the skills and knowledge to be able to empower and educate patients on how to prevent injuries.

Physiotherapists are especially trained to educate on: chronic disease, self-management and patient empowerment to the patients themselves, by providing information and techniques on improving the level of self-care. 
It is well known that – prevention is better than the cure!

Physiotherapy offers several preventive health programs such as:

  • Fitness testing and exercise program design
  • Injury prevention
  • Fall prevention
  • Prevention and management of injury in the workplace
  • Pre-operative rehabilitation for joint replacement/reconstruction surgery
  • Pre-operative rehabilitation for general surgery


The secret to the achievement of a healthy physical state is the prevention. According to popular wisdom, the initial prevention is better than the actual cure.

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