Health Coaching

Health Coaching - a new ``Weapon`` to help patients

The application of health coaching is a new approach, a new “weapon” in the hands of the health professional who comes to fill the gap of classical medicine by emphasizing lifestyle change through behavior change. Health coaching is defined as

“the process that facilitates the adoption and maintenance of better habits and helps individuals acquire the knowledge, tools, skills as well as confidence to participate actively in better caring of their health and to be able to reach targeted goals “.

In modern developed societies 1 in 5 deaths are due to lifestyle-related diseases that could have being prevented. The classic approach of the doctor / specialist who will “fix” the patient does not seem to be successful in chronic diseases, especially those that arise from our modern way of life. Health coaching comes to bridge the gap between doctor and patient and help their collaboration so that there is a real improvement in the quality of life of the individual and not just laboratory values.

This process strengthens the individual, making him feel that he has, to a certain extent, control over his health and reduces the psychological stress associated with the problem he faces. It gives a sense of responsibility to the goals set, since only with his own participation these goals will be achieved.

Health Coaching is a form of Coaching that comes to provide the help patients need to achieve the change they need to improve their health.

Health Coaching is influenced by counseling psychology and psychotherapy. The patient receives guidance to set his goals always in order to improve his health and well-being and through a journey of AIM and action to manage to abandon behaviors that negatively affected his health and reach his traget, always with his active participation.

More recently within the guidelines of various diseases, emphasis is given on personalized medical treatments on changing the lifestyle of patients.

It is clear that Health Coaching is a tool in our hands, so that we can help our patients.

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