Είσοδος στο Κέντρο Φυσικοθεραπείας

  • It is forbidden to enter the premises of the physiotherapy center, visitors such as Courier, etc. They will be limited to the entrance of the physiotherapy center and the partner will come to the entrance to receive what is needed.
  • The employee will disinfect the envelope or parcel received at the entrance area with a special spray before opening it. The receipt will be made wearing disposable gloves.
  • Collaborators who will visit the workplace to pick up documents, etc. will call us before they arrive so that the documents are ready and do not have to wait at the place.
  • Suppliers who deliver quantities of materials for the physiotherapy clinic will transport them to a special outdoor area (warehouse) where they will be disinfected by the staff and you will be opened after 24 hours.Each visitor or patient will wear a disposable mask by entering the physiotherapy room and disinfecting their hands (if the visitor or patient wishes, disposable gloves will be offered at the entrance of him as well as the shoes.
  • The details of each visitor or patient are noted and we are informed if he has recently traveled to countries where the outbreak has escalated.

Γενικοί Κανόνες

  • Get a temperature 3 times a day on all staff in the workplace. One at the entrance, one in the middle of the day and one at the end of work.
  • Temperature intake in each person who enters the physiotherapy room and when leaving without any exception. The virus strikes everyone.
  • Contacts such as handshakes, kisses, blows to the back, etc. are prohibited.
  • We allow people to enter as long as the sum does not exceed the rule of 10 Sqr. m. per person
  • Interruption of meetings within the physiotherapy center, if we can talk on the phone with the partner / colleague.
  • Cleaning the toilet, sink, door handles and, especially surfaces that we touch frequently (desks, keyboards, appliances) 4 times a day.
  • Moisturizing the physiotherapy clinic with disinfectant twice, once at noon and once at night.
  • At the end of the physiotherapy, the bed and the rest of the surfaces are disinfected.

Στρατηγός Χάιγκιν

Είναι εγγυημένο από:

  • Όλος ο εξοπλισμός βαθμονομείται και αποστειρώνεται τακτικά μεταξύ ασθενών
  • Αυτόκαυση όλων των λαβών και άλλων οργάνων (αποστείρωση νοσοκομειακού βαθμού)
  • Τακτική απολύμανση της κλινικής, του εξοπλισμού θεραπείας και των κλινικών επίπλων
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