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Entering the Physiotherapy Center

  • Visitors such as Courier, etc. are not allowed to enter the physiotherapy rooms. They will be limited to the entrance of the center and a staff member will arrive to collect the arrived package.
  • The employee will disinfect the envelope or parcel received at the entrance area before opening it. The receipt will be given wearing disposable gloves.
  • Collaborators who will visit the workplace to pick up documents, etc. will call us before they arrive so that the documents are ready to be picked up.
  • Physiotherapy supplies will be transported in a detached storage unit which will be disinfected by staff members. Any arrivals will be stored for a period of 24 hours before use. Any Visitor or Patient will be expected to wear a disposable mask and disinfect their hands using hand sanitiser when entering the Physiotherapy Center.
  • Contact Details of each visitor or patient are collected upon arrival

General Rules

  • All staff members will have their temperature checked 3 times a day.
  • All visitors will have their temperature checked when entering the center.
  • Any physical contact such as hand shakes are prohibited.
  • We allow the entrance of a maximum 25 people including staff members at the same time.
  • We try to discourage visitations which could be resolved by contacting us via phone and or video call
  • Common areas such as: door handles and surfaces like (desks, keyboards, appliances) are disinfected on a regular basis.
  • All equipment and instruments are disinfected after each use.

Specialised Purification System

Novaerus - Protect 800/900

A specialized air purification system has been installed to efficiently deactivate airborne microorganisms as well as viruses such as Covid-19.

NOVAERUS uses patented active purification technology to continuously pull contaminated indoor air across internal short-exposure plasma coils, deactivating airborne microorganisms and viruses at the DNA level

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